About Us

We are pleased to introduce to you Impact Hub Lagos. It's a logical next step in our individual journeys - Bolaji being from a serial entrepreneur himself and Solape from being a consultant and financial advisor. We both saw the same problem from different sides - so many opportunities, but entrepreneurs just did not seem able to get traction to exploit them because they lacked the right kind of support.

Everywhere in Nigeria, there are entrepreneurial people - almost everyone has "a job and two side hustles.' But in spite of all that zeal and activity, there is little to show for it whether, in economic growth, jobs created or even problems solved. Impact Hub Lagos is a solution that addresses all these problems in one place - conducive workspace, amazing community, events that inspire, opportunities for collaboration,

rich content, incubation and acceleration programs and business consulting services. We also have unmatched global reach - a key value lever in today's world. We envision and are working to build a world where problems are turned into opportunities and initiatives scale fast. Where entrepreneurial ventures solve some of the world's biggest problems and are rewarded accordingly. We look forward to making an impactful change and we really hope you join us

...who we are

What is impact hub

Impact Hub Lagos is a member of the worldwide Impact Hub community which acts as an accelerator for positive change. Around the world, there are over 16000 Impact Hub workers, 90+ running Impact Hubs spread across 5 different regions of the world.

Impact Hub lagos

After much expansion Impact Hub, Impact Hub Lagos was launched on 29 September 2017 in Ikoyi. This became the second impact Hub in West Africa and the 81st across the world. It was co-founded by the late Bolaji Finnih and Solape Hammond. It holds the same aims and values as all other Impact Hubs. Its facilities contain 60 co-working spaces, 35 private office seats, and event space capacity of over 200 people, 1500 square miles of usable space and a conference room.

Our goal and aim

The goal and central aim of Impact Hub are to inspire, connect and enable people around the world to move from ideas to actions. It is a community that allows entrepreneurs and innovators to come together and act as peers while they develop their skills and work on their tasks. It also provides people with inspiration and motivation through thought-provoking events, programs and learning events. Therefore allowing people to connect. Some examples of activities carried out at impact hub are learning and education, startup support, institutional innovation, convening, ecosystem development.

...we provide

Inspiring Spaces

We provide a hassle free environment and a conducive place for you to work.

Great community

We Provide the right spaces to meet and be inspired.

Amazing Amenities

We Provide the things that you need and the things that you want

Enabling Content

We provide programs to help people move from intention to innovation and from idea to action