Impact Hub Lagos host eHealth Meetup themed affordable healthcare for all

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On October 3, Impact Hub Lagos hosted their second eHealth Meetup “Affordable Healthcare for All” powered by Make-IT in Africa and Merck.  The aim of the ecosystem meetup series is to create a community of actors (consisting of start-ups, investors, health care institutions, etc.) who are all invested in the growth and development of programs, activities, and policies, that encourage or influence collaboration and meaningful partnerships between entrepreneurs, government agencies, and companies seeking to promote innovation in Nigeria.

The second eHealth meetup focused on how key stakeholders in the health ecosystem can provide affordable healthcare to Africans.  Panelists included entrepreneurs and innovators, working to increase access to healthcare to Nigeria’s growing population.

Participants during the Affordable Health for All eHealth Meetup

Dayo Sobamowo, Co-founder of WellNewMe, discussed how WellNewMe encourages people to answer self-assessment surveys. WellNewMe then uses an algorithm to produce personalized results and recommendations for everyone’s health.

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Abimbola Adebakin, CEO of Advantage Health Africa (AHA), presented on how AHA works on aggregating pharmacies that help to reduce overhead costs for pharmacies resulting in cheaper drugs for all.

Wale Adeosun, Digital Health Nigeria & Alice Omisore, GIZ Make-It in Africa

Dr. Ebi Ofrey, CEO, Gerocare, provides a subscription-based home service for the elderly that focuses on preventative care. The company provides affordable and accessible health care for elderly patients. He believes that focusing on preventative care can significantly reduce the cost of medical bills for the elderly.

After all the panelist presentations, there was a 20-minute Q&A session and then a 40-minute small group discussion with each panelist and audience taking a deeper dive into panelists’ presentation. The group discussed next steps for providing more affordable healthcare to everyone and potential partnerships across the room.

The next eHealth meetup will focus on “Innovating Integrated Healthcare Delivery” on November 12 at 10am at Impact Hub Lagos, 7A Milverton Road, Ikoyi, Lagos.

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