“Challenge of 1000” – a joint initiative of Digital Africa and Africa-France 2020 Summit.
The French state would like to invite 1000 African Entrepreneurs to Bordeaux to participate at the Cité des Solutions (City of Solutions). Cité des Solutions is an event dedicated to projects and solutions for sustainable cities and territories and entrepreneurs are duly invited to showcase their innovative solutions accordingly. The event is to be held during the 28th edition of the Africa – France Summit taking place on June 4, 5, and 6 2020.


To apply for the Challenge of 1000, you must meet the following fundamental criteria:

Be an African entrepreneur, having an activity related to one of the 7 districts of the Cité des Solutions. (Access to Essential Services; Nourish Cities; Develop and Beautify the City; Move Around the City / Visit the City; Live in the City; Finance and Structure Projects; & Connect the city)
The company must have a legal existence
The company must have a growing turnover
Be the bearer of a viable product or solution, which must be innovative or duplicable, at a lower cost, to make French and African cities more environmentally and socially sustainable
The deadline for application is January 31st 2020. Interested applicants please apply via the link in the bio.

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